Friday, May 9, 2008


In the middle of the fields near home, there is an old cemetery that is literally falling into ruin. The gravestones are mostly broken and sinking into the mud. There were dozens of small children's gravemarkers that are no longer visible. I'm assuming they've sunk underground. Most of the graves date from around the 1830's to 1870's but there are a few older and a few more recent. I've always loved this little cemetery. It was originally a small township plot for the farmers and their families on the surrounding farms.

These next two are two sides of the same marker. The husband is on the base that this used to rest on. One side is for the son and one side is for the wife.

You can see this marker is sinking. It's not the worst, but it will be in a few years.
Like these, they're broken bits from the tombstone to the left, but the piece on the right is at least a foot or more underground now.

Many of the flat stones once stood upright, but have fallen and broken and the ground is slowly coming up around them. It's such a shame.

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